She can be sweet, but venomous
She is fragile, but courageous
She can be sensitive, but also ruthless
She does crap like everyone else, but accepts responsibility 
She is especially hurt when you hurt those she loves,
rather than when it is directed towards her

She rarely loves but when she sets her sights on someone, she’s in all the way
She is over the moon, but very perceptive
She is honest, but only with those who deserve her
It took time to see what she really wanted, peace
She is patient but uncompromising
She prefers to be silent even if it’s hard,
rather than waste time explaining
She is frank but sometimes hides her game very well
She tries to see the glass half full rather than half empty
They say she has a fucking dirty character and it’s probably true,
But below the surface she hides a sympathetic soul.